The Kurdish Internet library is the independent, noncommercial website and the saving of the information of the Kurdish people history in the future depends on this site. We need your help to exist and develop. We need to pay for servers, office equipment, the salary of personnel and the rent. Only qualified employees can make the KIB one of the best websites in the world so that anyone who is interested in the Kurdish history and culture could find all the information he needs here. If the Internet library is useful to you, please, donate for our website for it to develop and improve. Please, make your contribution for the historically important issue.

Depending on your opportunities, you can:

  • take personal part in development of Internet library. You can join us using your account to download files in the KIB, you can add the information to the catalog and even you can add the whole works which the library has not received from other sources yet. Together we can create a new type of the library catalog which will provide the users with the new materials with your byline.
  • donate financial help. We do not ask you to give great donations. You can grant any sum you are able to afford to save Internet library.

Due to your help we will be able:

  • to archive thousands terabyte of historical and other data which can disappear;
  • to correct a set of incorrect links about Kurds in Wikipedia using of the obtained reliable data;
  • thousands of people around the world will be able to obtain more information about Kurds, their history and culture.

We promise you that the donations will be spent correctly. The Kurdish Internet library services hundreds of people every day and is one of the most demanded websites in the world. Your names will be mentioned on the website and a lot of people around the world will learn about your charity.


Yours faithfully,

Staff of the Kurdish Internet library. 

We thank you for your interest in the Internet library.

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For the salary of personnel, payment of servers, expendables and the rent.