The Kurdish Internet Library (KIL) is a non-profit organization created for digitization of books and other cultural artifacts about Kurds, their history and culture written in different languages of the world and forfree granting of this informationin the Internet.

Books, magazines, newspapers and content published in the Internet, as a rule, are short-lived and during the time a lot of things are lost and forgotten. In August, 2018 we began a complex and very important work on the Kurdish cultural heritage digitization and archiving. Our purpose is to collect, to archive and to provide the diverse qualitative bibliographic information about the Kurdish people from all over the world for our readers. By collecting and comparing the data from different sources, we try to include in the KIB all the best informationfor our readers toget the most useful information, to find the appropriate books and to make the necessary choice among a large amount of the published materials of the Kurdish cultural heritage. Moreover, this service allows the researchers to use the information resource for their research works and as the suitable and available link on the source.

As we are the library, we pay great attention to the books, but also,we have audio recordings and images. The books published until 1925 are available to free downloading but the modern books can be borrowed via our website only for reading.

The KIB gives a fine opportunity for everybody who is interested in the past and the present of the Kurdish people.  Unfortunately, not everyone has access to the public or academic library with a good collection of books, because of the remote location. Therefore, there is an important need to provide digital books for general access. It is the new type of the library which is not limited in ​​space and hasno time limits for visitors. Moreover, it has clear advantages in comparison with the traditional libraries as it possesses more considerable information resources and connects people from around.


Yuriy Dasny, the founder of the KIB

Danar Mustafadevelopment specialist

Vladislav Zelenchenko, web archiving specialist