Who can become the reader of the Kurdish Internet Library?

The reader of the KIL can be any person in the world older than 14 years who is interested in the Kurdish people history and the culture.

To use the KIL services you need to be registered on the library website. The login window is located in the upper right corner of the page. Clicking an icon "enter" you will pass to the page and will be able to enter your login and your password.

How to look for the interesting content?

On all the KIL pages there is the menu containing three sections: books, audio recordings and images. Each section includes various information on this subject.

You can look through the content of sections for the following categories – the type of the object, the name, the author’s name, the place, the time, the subjects. These references are displayed in the left part of the page. For example, on the page "The History Subject" the objects about the history are given.

The search window is located at the top of the pages. To find the information about the object you should enter a keyword on the corresponding pages where the information on an object is placed. The search on the website can be carried out in the Kurdish, English and Russian languages. The search functionsexecute the language recognition. For example, if you are on the Kurdish version website, there will be displayed the search results of the website which arein the Kurdish language.

How to look through the books and images?

To view the books, images and other objects in all the details, it is possible to use the enlarged image button on the webpage where the information on an object is placed. The viewing function contains the function of increasing, reduction and restoration of the initial size of the image and the function of the pages browsing. For turning to the nextpage, you should to press the following page.

How to download the book or other content?

It is not possible to download all the objects of the digital library. The books published before 1925 are available to free downloading, other books can be downloaded only if the author or the owner allows. If there is the possibility to download the information there is the link to the file for downloading the content.  Other books on the websiteare available only for the reading.